A Spell for Chameleon  
PiersAnthony ASpellForChameleon
1st edition
Author(s) Piers Anthony
Cover artist Michael Whelan
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Wikipedia:Ballantine BooksWikipedia: & Del Rey
Publication date September 1977
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)
Pages 344 (paperback)
Number of Chapters 16
ISBN ISBN 0-345-25855-X [1]
OCLC Number 297146272
LC Classification CPB Box no. 2227 vol. 15
Followed by The Source of Magic

In this adventure, Bink is exiled to Mundania because he has (inadvertently) broken Xanth law by not having a magical talent. He returns to Xanth with Chameleon, a woman whose intelligence and beauty vary inversely depending on the time of the month, and the evil magician Trent who was exiled 20 years earlier for attempting to usurp the throne of Xanth.


At the beginning of the novel Bink is facing imminent exile from the magical land of Xanth and separation from his fiancee Sabrina for his lack of a magic talent. All human residents of Xanth possess some unique form of magic that ranges from incredibly powerful (such as the current King (and non-magical folk in general including mundanes) amnesty. Trent's forces, who consisted of mundanes who wished to immigrate to Xanth begin to settle peacefully in various regions of the magical land. Bink then breaks up with Sabrina (who he had discovered was not right for him anyway) and marries Chameleon, as he has realised that he wants "variety" in a girl, and only Chameleon with her never-ending change in looks and intelligence will give him what his heart desires, and yet at the same time allow him to remain faithful to one person. Trent and Iris take up residence in Castle Roogna and set to work making it the new centre of government. Bink and Chameleon obtain a cottage just outside the Castle and Bink is given the title of Official Researcher of Xanth. King Trent gives Bink his first task: to discover the source of magic in Xanth, setting up the plot for the next book, The Source of Magic.


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