The Adult Conspiracy is a conspiracy through humanoid societies (and probably avian ones too) that tries to protect children from getting sick, summoning the Stork, and foul language. The centaurs don't honor the Conspiracy and the Harpies and Goblins apparently must not follow it completely either due to all the cussing each of those species does.

Components of the Conspiracy Edit

The Adult Conspiracy is enforced by the societies of individual species.

Language Edit

The language part of the Conspiracy is the transforming of any foul word into "Bleep" when around a child.

Summoning the Stork Edit

Main article: Summoning the stork

The stork-related part is mostly keeping panties out of sight from unmarried males and males that the female in question isn't married too. In Xanth, men put much stock in Panties due to the Adult Conspiracy. Also nudity is covered too.

Health and Wellness Edit

The Adult Conspiracy tries to protect children from getting sick by keeping candy away from them.

Exceptions Edit

As noted Centaurs are Exempt,

Enforcement Edit

It is retroactively enforced due to Ida and Ivy using their talents to cover it up.

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