The Brain Coral is an intelligent and conscious entity that guards the Demon Xanth. The Brain Coral does not move, but has the power of suggestion over other individuals.

The Brain Coral's Pool is used as a storage area where many obsolete or out-of-date people and objects are kept until they are needed again. The Brain Coral was thoroughly shaken during the Time Of No Magic, and still insist that it has several people that are no longer there.

Living creatures in the pool do not feel any change in time while they are in storage. Some individuals come voluntarily, like the Magician Murphy. Others, like the Sea Hag, have been exiled to it involuntarily.


The Brain Coral's pool is located just outside the now-unused resting chamber of the Demon X(A/N)th, and is accessible by several ways:

Prominent Residents of Brain Coral StorageEdit

  • Prince Harold Harpy: exiled in year -73, released in year 236.
  • Neo-Sorceress Vadne: exiled in year 236, escaped in year 1043.
  • Magician Murphy: voluntarily retired in year 237, escaped in year 1043.
  • Cynthia the winged centaur: refugee in 1021, released in year 1093.
  • Griselda entered in year 1062.
  • Sea Hag exiled in year 1077.

Unknown year Edit

  • Several pranksters from various novels: Chilk, Jama, Numbo, Potipher, Zink, and Horsejaw
  • Epi, a centaur with a devastating talent, works for the Brain Coral by collecting those who escape.
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