Bryce[1] is a mundane widower with two sons and a daughter by his wife Bev. He was 80 years old and in poor health. When he found an odd box in his garage and opened it, he went to Xanth along with Rachel, an old service dog. They worked with Picka Bone and Dawn at Caprice Castle to gain some familiarity with the magic of Xanth.

Bryce was youthened to the age of 22 and entered into a contest to win the hand of Princess Harmony. Harmony gave him a magic pen with which he could draw objects and make them real until he drew another one. He along with the other suitors traveled around Xanth collecting items to try to impress her. He was supposed to get a magical monocle, but failed.

Harmony still chose him, however, he decides not to marry her. She pursues him using various disguises, but he sees through them rather quickly. He does decide to stay in Xanth to give Harmony a chance to woo him.

References Edit

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