Centaurs are a cross-breed of humans and horses. They are generally intelligent and stubborn, but consider magic an obscenity. There are winged centaurs and regular centaurs. Many Centaurs live on Centaur island, but some who have been discovered to have magic talents were exiled. Centaurs are good archers or good with ropes. They also are well educated. Centaurs have very strict rules about being crossbreeds as Chex would learn early in her life. Centaurs are known to play people shoes.

Herds of Pure centaurs Edit

Centaur Isle Edit

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These are the most conservative and stubborn centaurs in Xanth. They reject magic in their own species and exile centaurs for showing a talent. On Centaur Isle, the centaurs have a highly advanced civilization.

Castle Roogna and environs Edit

The exiled Centaurs come around here to teach the children of Castle Roogna earlier in the series.

Region of Madness Edit

This is where Arnolde ends up sometime later in the series.

Centaur crossbreeds Edit

Despite the centaur taboo against crossbreeding, there are some crossbred species.

Alicentaur Edit

The major centaur-crossbreed species can usually fly by lightening themselves. The most predominate family of Alicentaurs is that of Chex and Cherion.

Alicenagon Edit

Alicenagons are the offspring of a dragon and a centaur. They have the head, tail, and wings of a dragon, body of a horse, and human arms. The only know alicenagon is Hadi.

Centcow Edit

Cencows are the offspring of a sea cow and a centaur. The only known cencow is named Cencow, child of Chet.

Cenmare Edit

Cenmares are the offspring of a night mare and a centaur. The only known cenmare is Chemare.

Centaurpede Edit

Centaurpedes are built like centaurs with one hundred pairs of legs. The only known centaurpede is Margarete of the Magic Dust Village.

Cenmaid or Mertaur Edit

Cenmaids or mertaurs are the offspring of merfolk and centaurs with human heads and arms, equine forelegs and torso, and a fish tail.

Werecentaur Edit

Werecentaurs can change between centaur and human. The only known werecentaur is Chellony in Xanth Reality 6.

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