Centaur Aisle  
Centaur Isle cover.jpg
The cover of Centaur Aisle.
Author(s) Piers Anthony
Cover artist Michael Whelan
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Del Rey Books
Publication date January 1982
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 294 pp (paperback 16th printing)
ISBN 0345297709
OCLC Number 27954072
Preceded by Castle Roogna
Followed by Ogre, Ogre

In Centaur Aisle, Dor, Irene, Smash and Grundy travel to Mundania to rescue King Trent and Queen Iris.


Dor is tasked with standing in as king of Xanth, while King Trent and Queen Iris make a trip to Mundania to establish trade.

Dor, with the help of his friends, is able to solve day-to-day problems in the kingdom. But the when the scheduled time for the king and queen arrives, they are nowhere to be found. Weeks pass, so Dor goes to see Humfrey, the magician of information. Dor must win entry to the castle, but Humfrey tells him that he has discovered a Magician-class centaur, with a yet-unknown talent. Before searching for Trent and Iris, Dor must travel to Centaur Isle to find the centaur magician, but first he must perform the wedding ceremony for Gorgon and Humfrey. Many visitors have arrived to see Humfrey get what he deserves. After Dor stumbles through the ceremony, Jonathan agrees to serve as king while Dor travels to Centaur Isle in search of the mystery centaur magician.

Dor travels south with Irene, Grundy, Chet and Smash, along the coast. Chet is injured by a wyvern during the journey, but the party reaches Centaur Isle. Chet's wounds don't heal easily.

During their stay on Centaur Isle, the party visits the centaur's museum and meet Arnolde the archivist. They sneak out at night and follow Arnold to a mundane island, where they learn of Arnold's magic talent. An "aisle" of magic follows Arnold outside of the confines of Xanth and into Mundania, where normally no magic occurs.

The centaurs don't take kindly to centaur magic, and Arnold is banished from Centaur Isle. Together, they us a rainbow to travel to Mundania to rescue Trent and Iris. In Mundania, Arnold meets with a mundane archivist, Ichabod who helps them locate the exact time and place in Mundania that Trent and Iris have been traveling to, Onesti.

The group travels to Onesti and meet the regent, Oary, who at the first opportunity drugs them. The entire group, excepting Grundy, are captured. While imprisoned, through the hardships of capture, Dor and Irene become engaged to marry.

All escape with the help of Grundy, and they are able to use magic to trick Oary into telling them the location of Trent, Iris and the rightful king of Onesti, Ohmen. The troupe mounts a successful rescue and Oary is banished.


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