Species Human
Talent Specialized Shapeshifting
Residence Originally Gap Village
Children\Offspring Dor
Marital Status\Mate Bink

Chameleon was the shapeshifting wife of Bink and the mother of Dor, Auspice, and Anima. She is an honorary sorceress.


Originally a resident of Gap Village, Chameleon goes by several names: Fanchon, Dee, and Wynne. These names relate to her talent.

Chameleon first meets Bink when he arrives in Gap Village and helps a farmer, the husband of Martha, in exchange for food and lodging. Bink participates in a mock rape trial, sitting opposite Chameleon, who is in the form of Wynne. After the trial, she is tasked with helping show Bink a way to cross Gap Chasm. She expressed a desire to go with him, but they become separated when the Gap Dragon shows up. [1]

When Bink and Crombie were traveling together, they came across her in her average form, Dee. She was also going to see the Good Magician about her shape-shifting problem, but she left the group because of Crombie's woman-hating talk.

Bink finally encounters her third form, Fanchon, after he is banished to Mundania. She is also captured by Trent and later travels with Bink and him under a truce. She reveals her secret to Bink when she begins to change back into her average state.

She is Bink's wife and Dor's mother. She resided with Bink just outside of Castle Roogna in a cottage cheese. She was king during the Fourteenth Wave.


Chameleon's talent is shapeshifting, although this is a predetermination, and not a talent that she activates at will. In a cycle that goes on perpetually throughout her life, she becomes ugly and very smart, then has average intelligence and beauty, then becomes radiantly beautiful and stupid, then average intelligence and beauty, then returning to ugly and very smart. Her cycle is most likely presumed to be a sine wave. These three phases of her being are named Fanchon (ugly and very smart), Dee (average intelligence and average looks), and Wynne (radiantly beautiful and stupid), although these are only names to refer to the phases; they are not separate personas. Her cycle takes place over a synodic lunar month, and is linked to her menstrual cycle.


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