Prince Charming was a man who was drowning and was saved by Mercy, a mermaid. However, he woke and, upon seeing a princess, married the princess instead of Mercy. Mercy served Charming for ten years. After the princess left him and Mercy's ten years of serving him, he wanted to marry her. However, Mercy decided she did not want to stay so went back to the sea.

Charming lost his love and was used by Demon Pluto to seduce Wenda in the Dream Realm. He gave Wenda a ring so she could visit him for an hour while in the Dream Realm. Demoness Sharon posed as his sister.

After Wenda returned to Xanth, she met him there. They were married by Princess Dawn after repairing the cable.[1] A year later, Charming was disappointed upon finding out Wenda could not have children. When she decided to adopt, he was not enthusiastic at first. He warned to it later.[2]

Charming's story is from The Little Mermaid.

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