Chlorine is a stupid, ugly, mean person whom the Demon Xanth met in the events of Yon Ill Wind. Using his powers, Demon Xanth made Chlorine smart, beautiful, and kind. Her talent is to form poison from water (more like the chlorine used to clean things with).

Chlorine, when she met Nimby, was mean to everyone, and was beaten by her parents. Xanth saved her from that, and she became his companion. She had only one tear left in her eyes, half a tear in each, and if she was to cry that last tear, she would become blind. In the end she shed the tear when Nimby was set on fire by her horrible parents.

Chlorine is now the wife of the Demon X(A/N)th and mother of Nimbus. She is currently residing in the Nameless Castle with Xanth's mortal form, Nimby. She has a twin sister named Fluorine, who unfortunately is just as mean and nasty as Chlorine used to be

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