Climate Change  
Climate of Change Vol 1 1
Paperback book cover
Author(s) Piers Anthony
Country United States
Language English language
Series Geodyssey
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date April 26, 2011
Media type Print (Hardcover
Pages 528
ISBN 978-0765363381
Preceded by Muse of Art
Followed by N/A

A remarkable epic of passion and courage, savagery and survival, Piers Anthony's "Geodyssey" is a saga unlike any ever written. It is nothing less than the story of humanity itself, told through the lives of a handful of extraordinary men and women reborn throughout history.

Now, with Climate of Change, Anthony introduces us to a new cast of characters, including Keeper, who knows the ways of nature, Rebel, a headstrong girl as brave as any man, Craft, a cunning inventor, and Crenelle, who uses her seductive charms to defend her people.

Through their eyes, we see how some of the most crucial moments in human history have been driven by natural forces, from the great ice ages of prehistory to the droughts and plagues that have destroyed history's proudest civilizations. And we witness a harsh but hopeful future in which humanity at last transcends the devastating effects of climate change.

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