Curse fiends are the descendants of the Seventh Wave of human colonization of Xanth.[1] They did not mix with the other humans of Xanth. Their talents were always weak until they found a way to modify their talents. After finding no where safe to live, the created Gateway Castle under Lake Ogre.

In an effort to protect themselves from predators, the descendants of the Seventh Wave formed the Talent Research Group to find a way to expand their talents lead by Hydrogen. Loudspeaker, who became a magician, turned his power on his people. He transformed all of the group into green chobees. The chobees fled to the lake, and the lake was renamed Lake Ogre-Chobee.

In the war between Hydrogen and the curse fiends against Loudspeaker, they created the Forbidden Regions: the Region of Air; the Region of Earth; the Region of Fire; the Region of Water, also called the Water Wing; and the Void.

Curse fiends are known for their talent to throw curses at their enemies. They became known as curse fiends when they were given the same talent of cursing by Tallyho's predecessor.

The curse fiends in the present day Xanth, like their ancestors, stay close to their own community where they put on plays. Because of this, they are widely known for their acting skills. They are also jealous of competition from their monopoly on plays and musical performances in southern Xanth. They destroyed a tree that reversed magic and cursed Crunch the ogre who had kidnapped and fell in love with one of their actors playing an ogress.

They prefer being known as the curse friends.

In main Xanth Edit

  • Bec is the wife of Hydrogen. She is sometimes called Bec on Call.
  • Contumelo is an arrogant playmaster.
  • Curtis (Demons Don't Dream) was looking for people to colonize the banks of Lake Ogre-Chobee in Demons Don't Dream. He produced Cyrus's plays in Two to the Fifth. He is dating Crabapple.
  • Doris (Vale of the Vole) is a girl who flirted with Eskil, son of Smash.
  • Fowler Fiend is an evil man in Storage.
  • Functionary
  • Hydrogen founded the Talent Research Group.
  • Latia is a curse fiend whose every third curse is a blessing.
  • Loudspeaker is an early curse fiend magician who turned against his people.
  • Magistrate
  • Matriarch
  • Slander
  • Sleeping Beauty was an actress playing a ugly sleeping beauty. Crunch did not understand it was a play and rescued her. She and Crunch later married and had Smash.

On Ptero Edit

  • Director of Play is at the Good Magician's Castle directing Sofia's play.
  • Miss Inform is an actress in Sofia's play and married Justin Time to save it.
  • Miss Take is an actress in Sofia's play and married Justin Case to save it.
  • Misty Meanor
  • Out Take is the brother of Miss Take and worked on Sofia's play.

References Edit

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