Demon Pluto, named stylized as P|L/U|TO,[1] was a Major Demon who had been recently demoted to Dwarf Demon after losing several wagers. In retaliation he severed the connection of Xanth's OutreNet to Mundania's InterNet. With the connection severed, gravity in Xanth would begin to fail as it depended on the connection to Demon Earth's domain to maintain it.[2]

Pluto was once married to Persephone, however she left him. He then began an affair with Demoness Sharon. Sharon was also involved with Demoness Eris. Pluto and Eris were involved in a wager which depended which of their worlds were discovered by mundane astronomers first. Eris was going to win until Sharon, working on Pluto's behalf nudged a telescope to find Pluto's world first. Pluto locked Eris in a cavern under Castle Roogna.

While Jumper and his companions were attempting to repair the cable between worlds, Pluto took the image of dreaming men to seduce the women while they were in the Dream Realm to distract them from their mission. Each man had a woman named Sharon with him and used to further distract Jumper.

Dawn was the one who found these men were all Pluto. Even knowing Pluto was deceiving them, Eve decided to marry him. The marriage of Pluto to Eve saved Xanth.

Pluto and Eve live in Hades part time, spending the rest of the time in Castle Windswept. They have a son, Plato.[3] Pluto still makes wagers with other Demons, including one where his son was involved.[4]

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