Demoness Sharon is a very minor Demon, almost as low as a demon. She was once the lover of Demon Pluto and Demoness Eris. During a wager between Pluto and Eris, she was supposed to get mundane astronomers to discover the planet Eris first, however, she lead them to discover Pluto first. This caused Eris to lose the wager and get locked away in a cavern below Castle Roogna. She did it because Pluto had promised to marry her. He did not keep his promise, though she still worked for him.

Sharon was sent to distract Jumper while he and his party were in the Dream Realm. She posed as a minion of the flion Fletcher who was challenging Warren; the sister of Prince Charming, Dick Philip, Shepherd, and King Clark; and the daughter of King Belial under the name Sati Sfaction.

When Sharon failed to keep Jumper and his party from repairing the cable between Xanth's Outernet and Mundania's Internet, Pluto again betrayed her by marrying Princess Eve.

Sharon is the sister of Demon Charon.[1]

References Edit

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