Dolph is the son of Irene and Dor, brother of Ivy and Ida, husband of Electra, and father of Dawn and Eve. He is the magician of shape-shifting, which is complementary to his grandfather Trent's talent. His talent has matured and become more versatile over the years.

When Dolph was young, he attended the wedding of Chex and Cheiron and swore to The Simurgh, along with all the winged monsters who attended, to protect Che.

For five years he was Betrothed to both Nada Naga and Electra. Dor also won Grace's freedom from the Dream Realm.

During his engagements, it was thought that he would marry Electra, then divorce her and marry Nada. During childhood, Electra loved him by spell, and he loved Nada. Nada was only betrothed for diplomacy.

In Ptero he has two sons. Dolin is his son by Taplin. He never existed in Xanth because Murphys Curse put Electra to sleep instead of Taplin, who he would have married otherwise. Dolph and Electra have a son named Crescendo.

In Xanth Reality 6, Dolph married Nada and had Donald. After the two of them went on a Guilt Trip, Donald ceased to exist on Xanth, but is still on Ptero.

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  • Winning the Night Stallion's respect
  • Rescuing Electra

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