Species Human
Occupation Emeritus King of Human Xanth
Residence Castle Roogna
Parents Chameleon, Bink
Marital Status\Mate Irene
Children\Offspring Ivy, ida, Dolph

Dor was delivered in 1043 to Chameleon and Bink. He became the twentieth King of Human Xanth in 1067, succeeding Trent.

Talent[edit | edit source]

Dor is a magician and has the power to make inanimate objects talk. This includes rocks, clouds, water, bones, and any other non living thing. When he questions the inanimate, it must answer him. The inanimate also "verbally" obeys his command. After longtime association with Dor, the inanimate can talk without a command.

Talent Example[edit | edit source]

While in Mundania rescuing Magician Trent, Dor mentally asked his sword to act like the ghost of king Omen to scare King Oary. The sword scared Oary into telling them where he had imprisoned King Trent. Then, without any command, Oary's Mistress's sheet made a smart comment.

History[edit | edit source]

Dor is the son of Bink and Chameleon. He grew up around Castle Roogna. From birth he was the Heir Apparent to the throne of Xanth. After being King pro tem for Trent a few times and marrying Irene in 1067, he became the twentieth King of Xanth.

Ivy, his daughter, was delivered in 1069 while her twin Ida was lost in a swamp. Dolph, his son, was delivered in 1074.

Dor abdicated sometime around 1107 and was succeeded by Ivy.

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