Species Mundane Human
Talent None that I know of.
Marital Status\Mate Kim
Books Demons Don't Dream, Xone of Contention, Roc and a Hard Place

Dug Smith is from Mundania. He was the boyfriend of Pia Putz. Dug is a motorcycle enthusiast and hates video games. His best friend is Edsel Frank who usually helps him with dating girls or other school trouble.

The day after Pia broke up with him, Edsel called Dug and placed a bet. He let him a video game, Companions of Xanth believing that even Dug would like it. If so, he would let Edsel go out with Pia, if not, he would have Edsel's motorcycle. Hoping that he would win a motorcycle, and believing that he wouldn't like the game, he accepted the challenge.

Once he begun playing Xanth, Grundy Golem introduced Dug to his companions, Jenny Elf and Sammy Cat, Che Centaur, Nada, and Metria.

At first, Nada helped him pass the first obstruction out of a dark cave. On their way out he realized that he has the shape of a computer screen, owing to the way he was transited to Xanth, and his disbelief in magic. For that he was ridiculed by Kim, a Mundane girl who also entered the world. Nada suggested him to go and find Humfrey to help him find the prize and win the Game.

He married Kim shortly after, and they had Knut.


His address is given as 394 Northampton Blvd. Callus, VA 39400


Major character[]