Talent Electrical charge
Residence West Stockade,
Isle of View,
Castle Roogna
Year of Delivery 225
Marital Status\Mate Dolph
Children\Offspring Dawn, Eve

Electra was delivered in 225 in the West Stockade. She and her mother did not get along due to jealousy over her mother's time with her father. When an emissary of Tapis offered Electra a chance to leave when Electra was eight, her mother supported it.

Electra was employed by Tapis to make the first Heaven Cent. When Tapis defied Murphy, he placed a curse on Tapis which caused Electra to fall into an enchanted sleep instead of Taplin. She slept for 847 years out of 1,000.

When she was kissed awake by Dolph, she had to marry him by the time she was twenty-one or she would die. At the time Dolph as already engaged to Nada.[1]

Dolph married Electra to save her life and, after they summoned the stork, decided to break his betrothal to Nada. Their wedding was performed by Nabob, Nada's father.[2]

Electra and Dolph are the parents of Dawn and Eve.[3] They have a possible son, Crescendo, on Ptero.[4]

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