Eve is the daughter of Electra and Dolph, twin sister of Dawn, wife of Demon Pluto, and mother of Plato. Her nickname by her sister is Evening Shade.[1] Her talent is to know everything about any inanimate objects she touches.

Eve was part of Jumper's group who were tasked with repairing the cable between Xanth's Outernet and Mundania's Internet along with her sister Dawn. During the adventure, the group was in the Dream Realm where Eve was seduced by Pluto through King Clark.

After she returned from the Dream Realm, she found out the truth and was angered. However, she still fell in love with Pluto. They were married by Dawn after repairing the cable.[2]

Eve, the second queen of Hades, and Pluto live in Hades part time, spending the rest of the time in Castle Windswept. They have a son, Plato.[1] Pluto still makes wagers with other Demons, including one where his son was involved. However, Eve made him give the status points back.[3]

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Eve at age eighteen was one of the six remaining humans in the vicinity of Castle Roogna on Ptero. She was assigned to help Forrest and Imbrium to stop the margins by going to Pyramid. During the trip, she flirted outrageously with Forrest. On the Green Face, she met her cousins Ilene and Gerrod. While traveling from the Blue Face to the Gray Face, Chafe and Chide were assigned to transport her and Dawn.[4]

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