Evil is the Incarnation of Evil, Satan. While the office will normally select the most evil person for the Incarnations position, Parry, the current officeholder is actually not evil, but rather uses temptation to sort souls and separate the good from evil. Like the Incarnation of Good, their roles are to differentiate between good and bad souls and keep the universe in balance.

Known Office holders[]

  • Beezulbub
  • Samuel
  • Lucifer
  • Parry

Evil's Accoutrements[]

Evil functions quite differently from the other Incarnations, and like Nature, does not really have tools of the office. He does, however, get full control of Hell and a veritable army of demons to do his bidding. His only real secret is that of the demon-banishing spell, which keeps him in power - namely, that there is no such spell. The demons' belief that the spell exists is a lie that must be maintained, else it would undermine his power. As such, he is aided nearly exclusively by liberal use of his silver tongue.

Method of Transfer[]

Evil is much like Death in its manner of transferring power, though with one major exception: It has a break-in period and accompanying test. One becomes the Incarnation of Evil by vanquishing the previous Incarnation, but after that there is a 30-day trial period, where the new Incarnation must learn the secret of controlling demons - namely, that mortals can't control demons and the only way through is to bluff. Should the new Incarnation fail to figure this out, the previous one has a chance to reclaim his office.

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