Five Portraits is the thirty-ninth novel in the Xanth series by Piers Anthony, published by Open Road in October 2014. Astrid from Board Stiff tries to find adoptive homes for five children from Xanth's future to save future Xanth. She needs to place them in their new homes and have their new families' portraits painted by Art.

Major characters Edit

  • Astrid (Board Stiff) is a basilisk-cockatrice transformed into a human who married Art.
  • Fornax is a major demon who controls contra-terrene matter who wants to befriend Astrid so helps place the children.
  • Firenze is a boy with a temper who can create fireworks. He is adopted by Astird and Art.
  • Myst is a girl who can become a patch of mist. She is adopted by Merge.
  • Santo is a boy who makes holes through anything. He is adopted by Fornax and Nemesis.
  • Squid is a bug-eyed monster who can shape herself into any configuration. She is adopted by Kandy and Ease.
  • Win is a girl who can create a wind at her back. She is adopted by Tiara and Mitch.
  • Art is a man immune to poison who marries Astrid. He is the artist who paints the five portraits.
  • Ease is a man who can make hard things easy who marries Kandy.
  • Kandy is a woman who became a board from a fowled up wish. She is married to Ease. She is also known as Irrelevant Kandy or I Kandy.
  • Merge is the merged woman of five sisters who adopts Myst in a singel parent adoption.
  • Mitch is a man with long hair who marries Tiara.
  • Tiara is a woman with wild hair which allows her to fly who marries Mitch.
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