Gap Dragon aka Stanley Steamer
Species Steamer Dragon
Residence Gap Chasm

The Gap Dragon, also known as Stanley Steamer, is the most feared creature in Xanth. He lives at the bottom of the Gap Chasm.


Stanley is a pseudo fire dragon, able to breath warm vapor instead of burning hot vapor or fire. His scales are rounded, not sharp, possibly to make travel along the chasm easier. The body of Stanley rides low to the ground, with shorter legs and a tree-trunk thick tail. Stanley was also rather adapted to tighter spaces, his backbone being more snakelike. This allowed him to be able to twist his body in order to turn around in the chasm when needed. Stanley also could move rather swiftly, but was unable to slow down quickly. [1]

At one point, Stanley ate any thing that he could catch in the Gap but that is not the case after he met Ivy, who gave him the name Stanley. Stanley's mate is the Gap Dragoness, Stella/Stacey Steamer, and his son is Steven Steamer.

In the GameEdit

Dug Mundane encountered Stanley while he attempted to cross the Gap. He was told by Jenny Elf that Stanley coexists with Fracto, who tolerates the presence of Stanley, while thinking of itself as the King of Xanth. Dug fooled Fracto into causing a storm right at the moment when Stanley was ready to fry the travelers. The fire resulted to a steam, and the travelers were saved by Che Centaur.


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