Grey is the son of Vadne and Murphy, husband of Ivy, and father of Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm. He is the magician of nullification, he can nullify any magic near him then restore it stronger than before.

Ivy rescued him from Mundania in Man from Mundania. Wondering how a mundane could have a magician level talent, he and Ivy went to Com Pewter and found out who his parents were, Vadne and Murphy. They had made a deal with Com Pewter to give him their son in return for getting them out of Xanth.

Upon learning his fate, he and Ivy went in search of Humfrey to find a way around it. Humfrey told them to serve him at his castle until he returned. While serving there, they found services to the Good Magician supersede all other services. This temporarily keep Grey from serving Com Pewter.

Grey was freed from service to Com Pewter in Question Quest. Lacuna changed the print on Pewter's screen to free Grey. After being freed, he was able to marry Ivy.

On Ptero, one of Ida's moons, an older Grey is known as Royal Consort, since he is married to future King Ivy. This was only for one book, however, because the normal king on Ptero was indisposed.

Children Edit

With the many worlds and characters on Ida's moons, many possible children have been introduced for Grey and Ivy.

Abscissa and Ordinate are fraternal twin sister and brother who were supposed to be delivered to Grey and Ivy, but their parents took too long to marry, so they were dropped off at an orphanage. They were met in Roc and a Hard Place.

Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm are the known and existent triplet daughters of Grey and Ivy.

Green, Revy, Grant, and Isabella Emily Carylyn are possible children of Grey and Ivy on Ptero met in Faun & Games.

Ilene and Gerrod are possible children of Grey and Ivy living on the Blue Face of Pyramid met in Faun & Games.

Dol is a possible son of Grey and Ivy on Ptero mentioned in Xone of Contention.

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Grey was a major character in Man from Mundania.

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