Harpies are dirty birds with human bodies. They like to cuss and fight goblins. Most harpies are female and all the males are considered to be Princes.

During the events of Dragon on a Pedestal, the goblins and harpies near the Gap Chasm found they had half talents and had to find the one of the other species to make a full talent.

Harpies Edit

  • Foulmouth is an aunt of Gloha and Harglo.
  • Fowlmouth is an aunt of Gloha and Harglo. She gives them flying lessons and illicit cussing lessons.
  • Garnishee is a zombie and has a fowl mouth.
  • Grand Harridan is an aunt of Gloha and Harglo.
  • Grobigatail is an aunt of Gloha and Harglo.
  • Hagar is a captive in Storage.
  • Haggy is the leader of the Gap harpy flock.
  • Handi is a friendly harpy, a friend of Justin.
  • Hannah is a member of the Gap harpy flock.
  • Hardy is one of a few male harpies. He is the husband of Glory and father of Gloha and Harglo. He is intelligent and handsome. He shares his half talent with Glory, together they are invisible.
  • Harold Mate of Helen; an early harpy prince
  • Hatty A harpy who was stoned by Gorgon.
  • Haughty is a high brow harpy falls in love with Charon. As Hottie she seduces birds or mammals.
  • Heavenly Helen is unlike other members of her species, she is exceptionally beautiful and clean. She married Harold and became Queen of the Harpies during Roogna's reign.
  • Hoary Harributtes is an aunt of Gloha and Harglo; has a caustic manner of speech, which doesn't quite hide her sincere concern for Gloha.
  • Sniper is mistress of the long distance verbal attack with a fowl mouth.
  • Hia is the mother of Lena by a human and grandmother of Cadence. She is in Xanth Reality 6.
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