Hitch, is an  interworld investigator for the Earth Prime Commonwealth of Alternates. After one of the virgin-world investigators brought back an image of naked women in the pastures of the farms, Hitch was sent to Earth #772 to confirm its status.

He teleports to a forest outside a rural farm and quickly gets himself hired as a workhand. Instantly he finds himself confused by the owner's references to "the cows", thinking that he might have been sent on this mission for no more reason than simple bureaucratic error. It doesn't take long, though, for him to start working in the barn and find out what the source of all the milk is: human women.

Initially horrified at the treatment of the women, he quickly adapts and continues to feed and milk them. Though soon he becomes more disturbed by the lack of intelligence they display. However the nausea quickly passes when he encounters Earth #772's alternate of his boss and the woman who sexually frustrates him, Iothane. Much to his delight the cow, Iota is in heat and he attempts to satisfy her by engaging in sexual intercourse, only to feel disgusted with himself.

Continuing with his duties he witnesses the birth of a young girl from the cow Esmeralda; after the farmer takes the girl from her mother he order Hitch to deliver the baby to his wife for processing. To his disgust e witnessed the baby about be be forcibly retarded through a series of procedures limiting its ability to talk and develop motor funcutions of its hands. Seeing enough, Hitch breaks protocol and teleports back to Earth Prime.

Hitch returns to Earth Prime, and finds himself confused. He watched the cows there, and it comes into his head that the way his world treats its livestock is no different than how Earth #772 treats theirs. He wonders if Earth Prime has the right to pass judgement on that world - for when he writes his report, they will surely make war on #772 to stop the injustices there. And he worries that there might be worlds yet unfound, more powerful than his Earth, which might consider their treatment of "lesser" animals as unacceptable as they consider #772's abuses. And he thinks...

What sort of a report could he afford to make?