Hope of Earth  
Hope of Earth Vol 1 1.jpg
Paperback book cover
Author(s) Piers Anthony
Country United States
Language English language
Series Geodyssey
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date March 15, 1998
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 640
ISBN 978-0812571110
Preceded by Shame of Man
Followed by Muse of Art

In Isle of Woman and Shame of Man, the firs two volumes of the monumental Geodyssey saga, bestselling author Piers Anthony chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of two remarkable families reborn again and again in some of the most turbulent eras of human history.

Now, with Hope of Earth, Anthony brings us a stirring epic that ranges from our ancient beginnings in Africa's Great Rift Valley to the windswept Andes a century from now, and includes some of history's most fascinating figures--the mysterious "Ice Man" of the Swiss Alps, the decadent King Herod, the British Warrior Queen Boudica, the Mongol Chieftan Tamurlane, and King Louis XIV of France.

Exciting, imaginative, and inspiring, Hope of Earth is the story of a group of heroic men and women, bound by ties of passion, honor, and blood, who struggle to transcend our violent past and forge and new and shinning future.

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