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Humans appear in all the series covered by this wiki, but some series the humans have different abilities than they do in others.

Basic human appearance Edit

In the Anthony universes, humans look generally like we do on Earth but do not always speak our equivalent languages.

Humans in Xanth Edit

Main article: Human (Xanth)

In Xanth, there are three types of pure humans: Magical (like Chameleon), Spelled, and Mundane (like Janet Hines).

The Mundanes are the purest humans as they have no magic. The Magical humans are magic that is to say they have no control over their magic. The Spelled humans have controllable magic or Talents. Despite their stubbornness, most of the cross-breed species derive from humans.

Xanthian culture as it applies to humans Edit

The main aspect of the Human culture of Xanth is that they are forced to follow the Adult conspiracy until they are 18 years old. The other important distinction in human culture in Xanth is that the talents are broken into levels based on the strength, type, and re usability of the talent.

Magic in Xanthian humans Edit

Most Xanthian humans have talents, but many of these talents are limited. The lowest level talents in both men and women are usually referred to as spot-on-the-wall variety talents.

Magicians and Sorceresses are the top-level magic users in Xanth. Any Magician or Sorceress has the potential to become the King of Human Xanth, though the Magician does not have to be human.

Kings can be of either gender, but usually are males and are responsible for making the legal and military decisions. Queens usually are female, always so far as the books up to Air Apparent indicate, and have control over social protocol, as is the case with Queen Irene's decision regarding that a man can only have one wife.

Humans in Apprentice Adept Edit

In apprentice Adept, Humans appear to be from several places. The most unique humans are the Adepts of Phaze, as they have very strong magic. The majority of the other humans on Phaze have minute amounts of magic,

Humans in Incarnations of Immortality Edit

Main article: Humans (IOI)

The main difference between real world humans and people mentioned in the Incarnations series is that the folks in that Earth do have both magic and science. In addition all the Incarnations are human.

Humans in Bio of a Space Tyrant Edit

Humans in Elfquest Edit

While Elfquest isn't technically one of Piers Anthony's universes, Jenny Elf tells us that although the humans on the World of the Two Moons are the same in general appearance as those in Xanth, they are more barbaric and have been at war with her people for years.[1]

References Edit

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