Talent Illusion
Parents Unknown at this time
Marital Status\Mate Trent
Children\Offspring Irene, Ilene

Iris is the sorceress of illusion and former Queen of Xanth.

Iris is the wife of Trent and mother of Irene, Ilene, and Irenti or Trentia (her grandnieces Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm can not remember her name).

Description[edit | edit source]

Living on the Isle of Illusion, Iris dreamed of becoming the Queen of Xanth. She would create an illusion along the mainland beach that resulted in a traveler thinking they were drowning. She would rescue them, treat them like a king, then try to convince them to marry her so that she could rule behind them. Iris met Bink through this illusion.[1]

Iris became the Queen of Xanth after she married Trent. During the Fourteenth Wave, she temporarily became a full King in Night Mare.

After Trent retired as King, they moved to the North Village and then to the Isle of Illusion, where she was originally.

A rejuvenated Iris appears in Geis of the Gargoyle. After her and Trent's rejuvenation, they have two more daughters.

In Esrever Doom she and Trent were creating a game in a park for the citizens of Xanth to help them cope with the current kingdom wide reversal crisis.

Talent[edit | edit source]

Iris's talent is Magician caliber. She could form full illusions, able to affect a person's sight, smell, taste and sound. She could affect touch, but only if there was a physical object behind the illusion. She can even render invisibility and silence. After creating an illusion she can hold it with minimal effort. While inside of magic her illusions can extend a short distance outside of magic.

If Iris were to create an illusory light it would be indistinguishable from light produced by a corporeal source.

Once, she only truly cooked rice, she made the rice taste, smell, and feel like dragon steak. Yet, if she wanted to create the illusion of a crystal palace out of a small hut, only the illusionary walls that covered the hut's walls could be touched. If her talent was spread to thin, a carefully observant person could see past the illusion.[2]

When Irene married Dor, Iris clothed every one in attendance in the illusion of zombies.

Iri the Irate[edit | edit source]

Iri is the identity of Iris while in the city of Stone Hinge. She is queen and the mother of Princess Supi.[3]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Iris is a major character in Geis of the Gargoyle.

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