Jonathan was brought to Merlin and Tapis in 207. He is the brother of Taplin, husband of Millie, and father of Hiatus and Lacuna. He is the first Zombie Master with his talent reanimating the dead as zombies.

Jonathan committed suicide and became a zombie in 236 after Vadne murdered Millie. For several hundred years, he was a zombie. While he was a zombie, he became the sixth King of Human Xanth, succeeding Rune in 378. He left the job when he became disgusted with it. He was succeeded by Vortex in 478.

Jonathan was first featured in the book The Source of Magic, in which he is a zombie himself. After Millie's revival, he began to follow her, until Dor decided to help.

After Dor's adventure in Castle Roogna, Jonathan's true nature was revealed, he was the Zombie Master and had met Mille years earlier. His power turned him into a zombie until his restoration in 1055. Jonathan and Millie were married shortly thereafter. The had two children, Lacuna and Hiatus, in 1056.

Jonathan served as king pro tem for Dor in Centaur Aisle and again during the Nextwave invasion in Night Mare.

Jonathan and Millie retired to Zombie World, one of Ida's moons.

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