Jumper is a jumping spider who got caught on a narrative hook. He is the many times descendant of Jumper, Dor's companion to Xanth in the past.

Jumper was enlarged so went to the Good Magician's Castle to find out how to regain his natural size. His service was to repair the cable between Xanth's Outernet and Mundania's Internet. To do this he was transformed into a human.

To prepare Jumper for the mission, he had to become desensitized to panties. Olive Hue created Angie Ina who slept with him so he could withstand seduction later. While on the mission he was put to the test by Demoness Sharon who appeared as several alluring women in the Dream Realm to tempt him to abandon his mission. While searching for Demoness Eris under Castle Roogna while following the ghost Button, Jumper and Phanta had a harrowing experience after which they became intimate. During the adventure, all of Jumper's female companions offered him intimacy to protect him from Sharon, though he did not take them up on it.

After finding Eris, Jumper saw her turn into a jumping spider, and they danced in jumping spider fashion. He became enamored with her. After fixing the cable, he became an honorary Prince of Spiders. As a prince, he could marry Eris and free her from captivity. They were married by Princess Dawn after repairing the cable.[1]

References Edit

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