Incarnations Edit

  • Thanatos (Death)
    • Zane is the lover and protector of Luna Kaftan, Niobe's granddaughter.
  • Chronos (Time)
  • Fate (Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos)
  • Mars (War)
  • Gaea (Nature)
  • Evil
    • Parry used the name Satan when he took office. He is the husband of Jolie and then Orb and stepfather of Orlene.
  • Good
    • YHWH
    • Orlene is called the Goddess. She is the daughter of Orb and Mym, granddaughter of Niobe. Prior to either of them taking their office, she was the lover of Norton and mother of his son, Gawain II. She is the step-daughter of Perry.
  • Nox (Night)
    • Kerena

Kerena Edit

In "Under a Velvet Cloak", Kerena (Nox, Incarnation of Night) is the lover of the original Sir Gawain, Knight of the Round Table, and mother of the original Gawain (Gaw-Two) who was tainted at birth and destined to die early. Kerena's quest to save Gaw-Two is what eventually leads her to become Nox, the Incarnation of Night and Keeper of Secrets. Gawain (Orlene's ghost husband) is the direct descendant of Sir Gawain, and carries the family taint, so the second Gaw-Two, born to Orlene and Ghost Gawain, is also tainted and destined to die early. Nox is also the great-aunt (many times removed) to Niobe and her children and grandchildren.

People Edit

  • Jolie is the first wife of Parry.
  • Cedric Kaftan is the husband of Niobe, father of Cedric Kaftan, Jr., and cousin to Pacian.
  • Pacian Kaftan is the husband of Blanche and then Niobe, father of Blenda by Blanche and Orb by Niobe, and cousin of Cedric.
  • Blanche Kaftan is the wife of Pacian and mother of Blenda.
  • Cedric Kaftan, Jr. (Magician) is the son of Niobe and Cedric, husband of Blenda, and father of Luna.
  • Blenda Kaftan is the daughter of Blanche and Pacian, wife of Cedric Jr., and mother of Luna.
  • Luna Kaftan, daughter of Blenda and Cedric Jr.
  • Sir Gawain is the father of the first Gawain II by Kerena.
  • Gawain II is the son of Sir Gawain and Karena.
  • Gawain is the descendant of the first Gawain II and deceased husband of Orlene.
  • Gawain II is the son of Orlene and Norton though Orb changed his DNA to match Orlene's deceased husband Gawain.

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