This is a list of all known centaurs. For a list of aliecentaurs, see the list of alicentaurs.

From main Xanth Edit

  • Alpha Centuri (Question Quest) is a stallion who lead a group of centaurs to build Humfrey's castle as their service.
  • Ambigus is a stallion who splits into a man and a horse in the absence of magic.
  • Archae is a stallion who was digging on the Isle of View to find Tapis's home with Ology.
  • Braille is a stallion in a forbidden romance with Jana, a human woman.
  • Cedric is a stallion who was building Castle Roogna and mate of Celeste.
  • Cedric the 10th is stallion and descendant of Cedric.
  • Celeste is a mare and mate Cedric.
  • Center is a stallion who can see inside a person and tell what is wrong.
  • Cerebral is a stallion who tutored Ida.
  • Checkoff is a stallion who gets everything wrong the first time, but gets it right the second.
  • Chele is a mare with three foals who gave Clio's party a ride.
  • Chem is a mare, daughter of Cherie and Chester, mate of Xap Hippogryph, and dam of Chex. She can project maps of whatever she has seen.
  • Cherie is a mare, mate of Chester, and dam of Chet and Chem. She is beautiful from her talent.
  • Chester is a stallion, mate of Cherie, and sire of Chet and Chem. He can play beautiful music on a conjured silver flute.
  • Chet is a stallion, son of Cheire and Chester, mate of a sea cow, and sire of Cencow. He called is talent calculus wherein he can turn boulders into small stones.
  • Cindy is a mare.
  • Cy is a stallion who can create a clone of himself. He is shy, his clone is violent.
  • Donkey is a stallion who looks like his name.
  • Epi is a mare who works for the Brain Coral. Where ever she puts a hoof down, the ground quakes.
  • Filly Buster (The Dastard) is a mare who talks, and talks, and talks.
  • Herman the Hermit is a stallion and uncle of Chester. He can summon will o' wisps.
  • Horace is a stallion zombie who died in an accident during a game of people shoes.
  • Hurry is a stallion and possible mate of Ilura, currently only on Ptero. Imino and Imina are his possible foals.
  • Kress is a stallion who can project a small spot on the wall with a picture of the future. His discovery of the nature of his talent was reversed by the Dastard.
  • Ology is a stallion who was digging on the Isle of View to find Tapis's home with Archae.
  • Red (Board Stiff 1) is mare who splits into Cherry, a red haired young woman, and a red coated horse, also named Red.
  • Shaunture is a mare who mispronounces words, however, whatever she mispronounces appears.
  • Sheila is a mare.
  • Telliam Will is a stallion.

Magicians Edit

  • Arnold is a magician centaur who has an aisle of magic in Mundania. He was expelled from Centaur Isle for having a talent.
  • Rempel is a magician centaur who knows the talents of others.

From Centaur Isle Edit

These centaurs are current or former residents of Centaur Isle.

  • Carleton is a stallion and brother of Chena. He left Centaur Isle after Chena was expelled.
  • Centurion is a stallion who went to the Pythia to find his talent.
  • Chase is a stallion who is a liaison for the Isle.
  • Chena is a mare and sister of Carleton who was expelled for having a talent. She is now a changebreed alicentaur.
  • Cherry is a mare who is a guide on the Isle.
  • Chevalier is a stallion and leader of Isle.
  • Chrissy is a mare who was Humfrey's and MareAnn's guide.
  • Cognition is a stallion and learned historian.
  • Curvia is mare and hostess with brown hair.
  • Gerome is an elder of the Isle.

On Isle of Fellowship Edit

  • Cesar is a stallion, brother of Charity and mate of Glitter (The Dastard), a goblin.
  • Charity is a mare, sister of Cesar, and mate of Naro, a naga.
  • Charnel is a stallion and mate of Merla, a merwoman.

On Ptero Edit

  • Alpha Centuri (Faun & Games) is a stallion who guards the Ptero boundary.
  • Cassaundra is a mare who is the mate of Cassaunova. She has no power of prophecy, but others believe she does.
  • Cassaunova is a stallion who is the mate of Cassaundra. He has the ambition to be every filly's lover but not the ability.
  • Catarrh is a zombie stallion.
  • Ilura is a mare who is a possible mate of Hurry and dam of Imina and Imino.
  • Imina is a filly who is the daughter of Ilura and Hurry.
  • Imino is a colt of is the son of Ilura and Hurry.
  • Vision is a stallion.

On Pyramid Edit

All the centaurs met on Pyramid in the series so far have been on the Blue Face. They are all hues of blue.

  • Chaz is a stallion and the leader of the centaurs on the Blue Face of Pyramid.
  • Chafe is a stallion.
  • Chalice is a mare.
  • Checkers is a stallion.
  • Chenille is a mare.
  • Chickory is a stallion.
  • Chide is a stallion.
  • Chiffon is a stallion.
  • Chime is a stallion.
  • Chip (Faun & Games) is a stallion.

In Xanth Reality 6 Edit

  • Caitlin (Stork Naked) is a mare with a brown coat and hair. She was a prisoner of the Prime Monister.
  • Cassy is a mare with a red coat and hair. She was a prisoner of the Prime Monister.
  • Elysia is a mare with a blond coat and hair. She was a prisoner of the Prime Monister.
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