Mai-Den Industrial Park[1] was founded by Maidens Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, and China and later chartered by King Ebnez.

They came from their respective countries on scholarships to Squeedunk University, where Grey Murphy was a student a generation later, to study science as they were unable to do at their home countries due to gender discrimination. They met for senior spring break at a resort in Fort Lauderdale, deciding to first form a sisterhood and later a corporation to jointly develop and market their inventions. Unfortunately, their plane encountered wind-shear and they did not make it back to Squeedunk to finish their diplomas. Instead, they were rescued by the demoness Nan O'Tek who teleported them out from the plane as it was about to crash, in exchange for an oath of lifetime loyalty.

Together they applied the rigors of science-based research and development upon the laws of magic and the artifacts of Xanth, to create inventions of significant usefulness and power. Based on this success they approached King Ebnez to create Xanth's first corporation, the Mai-Den Industrial Park. The corporation has now become a major, but secret, defense contractor for the Kingdom of Xanth. They have acted occasionally as contractors to the Good Magician Humfrey.

References Edit

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