Melody is the daughter of Ivy and Grey, triplet sister of Harmony and Rhythm. She has blonde hair with a greenish tint, like her mother, and blue eyes. She usually dresses in green. As a child, she used her talent by humming, but turned to singing as she grew older. She is the charming one of the triplets.

In The Dastard, an older version of Melody is summoned from Ptero along with her sisters and Sim Bird to deal with the Dastard. She is later possessed by the Sea Hag before the Hag is trapped in an alternate dimension. Over the course of the story, she falls in love with the Dastard and convinces him to take back his soul and worthless talent and come to Ptero with her. He is then replaced by Anomy, the younger version of himself who is only a year older than Melody.

Later in the series, we learn that Melody and Anomy have Melanoma, a daughter, on Ptero. By Luck of the Draw, it is assumed that Melody and Anomy will be married.

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