Species Demoness
Talent Curiousity (her dominant emotion)
Marital Status\Mate Gromden, lover
Veleno, husband
Children\Offspring Threnody by Gromden
Demon Ted by Veleno
Chaos by Veleno
Relatives Mentia, her worser half
Woe Betide, her childlike side

D. Metria is a curious demoness who almost always gives herself away by having trouble with simple words. Thought she is a demon, she always tells the truth in the hope people will tell her what she wants to know.

She can split into Mentia or Woe Betide due to Metria being stepped on by a sphinx after she was newly formed. Ichabod Mundane later terms this as MPD, Multi Personality Disorder.

Metria is one of the more common demons to appear on the surface of Xanth to annoy mortals. She flunked out of Demon University.

Metria is the mother of Threnody from an affair with King Gromden. She and Threnody did not have a good relationship, since Threnody blamed Metria for all of life's problems. However, when Metria was able to remove the curse which had kept Threnody out of Castle Roogna, they recoiled.[1]

While Humfrey and Sofia were distracted by Trent and Iris, Metria "mothered" Crombie. When she left Crombie, he became a misogynist.

Metria is married to Veleno and got half of his soul.[2] They have two sons Demon Ted and Chaos. From all indications, the children are Metria's, not Mentia's.

In addition to annoying mortals, Metria annoys Professor Grossclout a number of times.


D. Mentia is the slightly crazy and worser version of Metria. She separated from Metria when Metria married to Veleno and gained half his soul. Normally she is slightly crazy, but she doesn't have a problem with words like Metria. In the Region of Madness, Mentia is slightly sane.

Mentia does return occasionally but mostly stays hidden in Metria's mind.

Menti the Mentor[]

Menti is the identify of Mentia while in the city of Stone Hinge. She is the governess of Princess Supi.[3]

Woe Betide[]

Woe Betird is Metria's child aspect. She can fool horses into thinking she IS a child, but Professor Grossclout can see Metria instead of Woe Betride. As this aspect, she is subject to the Adult Conspiracy, despite the knowledge of the other two aspects. She also carries a box of matches which, when struck, can show a person's heart's desire.


  • Ending the Geis of the Gargoyle (Mentia)
  • Getting all the witnesses together for the trial of Roxanne Roc (Metria\Mentia\Woe Betride)
  • Deciding the fate of Roxanne
  • Being first demoness to learn to drive a truck


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