Piers Anthony took the concept of Mundania by defining it geographically. Magic was virtually unknown in the Xanth series. He also employed it in his Apprentice Adept series to further explore and exploit the contrast between two reality universes where much of the plot is dependent upon tension between a magic world and a machine world (The Mundane) that can hardly be more different.


Mundania to Xanthians is a very drear place where the people do not believe in magic. Except for rare exceptions, magic ordinarily does not operate there. Mundania is influenced strongly by the Demon E(A/R)th in much the same way as Xanth is influenced by the Demon X(A/N)th. Demon E(A/R)th's energy, however, is gravity, which does also affect Xanth. Mundania is also where Trent, Bink, and Chameleon were exiled to by Aeolus.

Significant locations in Mundania[]

  • The Kingdom of Onesti
  • Florida
  • Sqeedunk

Significant events to occur in Mundania[]

Apprentice Adept[]

The Mundane world in the Apprentice Adept is called Proton where Stile was indentured.