Species Naga
Parents Nabob
Marital Status\Mate Vore
Children\Offspring Demonica

Nada is the daughter of Nabob the King of the Naga and sister of Naldo. Like most naga, she can shift her appearance between naga, human, and snake.

For about five years, Nada was betrothed to Prince Dolph because she thought she had to marry him for a prophecy Humfrey gave her. While she was betrothed to Dolph, she became close friends with Ivy.

She later marries Prince Vore and has Demonica. They also have a possible son, Demos, on Ptero.

She was Dug's companion in Demons Don't Dream.

In Xanth Reality 6, she is married to Dolph and is Queen of Xanth. She and Dolph had a son, Donald. She and Dolph went on a Guilt Trip to reverse their decision to marry. After the Guilt Trip, Donald no longer existed, and they were married to their main Xanth spouses.

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