Naga are a species of human and snake crossbreeds who look like snakes with human heads and can assume the form of a human, snake, and their natural form. They live in caves normally. There appear to be two naga settlements, one north of the Gap, and one to the south. The current royal line of the Naga live at the south settlement near Draco's lair.

In main Xanth Edit

  • Ana Conda is seeking romance.
  • Anna Conda got lost in the Gap.
  • Nabob is the current king of the naga. He is getting rather old.
  • Nada is a princess of the naga and daugther of Nabob. She is friends with Ivy and Electra.
  • Naldo is the son of Nabob, husband of Mela Merwoman, and father of Nadine.
  • Naomi is the beautiful and kind form of Noami, who is ugly and cruel and planted the Reverse Bomb. She joins Kody's party but is actually their secret opponent, even to herself for a while. She says she is trying to find out who is killing nagas for their hides (nagahide) so she can stop them. She has lustrous blond and brown curly hair and blue eyes.
  • Nara (Luck of the Draw) is the Queen of the Noway Naga on Menace Mesa, atop an anomalous mountain in the Gap Chasm.
  • Nera is the sister of Nabob, wife of Nathan, and mother of Nefra.
  • Nolan is a temptation for Naomi by Fornax.
  • Sir Pent (Pet Peeve) is a knight looking for adventure who once was a naga.

On the Isle of Fellowship Edit

  • Nancy is the wife of Gizmo, a goblin.
  • Naro is the husband of Charity, a centaur.

On Ptero Edit

  • Nina is the wife of Briskil and mother of Nora.

Crossbreeds Edit

  • Demonica is the half-demon daughter of Nada and Vore.
  • Nadine is the daughter of Melantha, a merwoman, and Naldo.
  • Nefra is the daughter of Nera and Nathan, a human, and cousin of Naldo and Nada.

Crossbreeds on Ptero Edit

  • Demos is the possible half-demon son of Nada and Vore.
  • Knight is a possible son of Melantha and Naldo and twin of Mourning.
  • Monted a possible son of Demonica and Demon Ted.
  • Mourning is a possible son of Melantha and Naldo and twin of Knight.
  • Nigel is a possible son of Melantha and Naldo.
  • Nora is a possible daughter of Briskil and Nina.
  • Tedmon a possible son of Demonica and Demon Ted.
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