Gaea is the Incarnation of Nature. Nature's dominion is over all living things, and the Song of Chaos is her ultimate power, allowing her to make and unmake life.

Current Officeholder[]

Nature's Accoutrements[]

Unlike the other Incarnations, Nature does not appear to have any tools of office. Each Nature is apparently different in how they wield the immense power of the office, but it is always shown as inherent, rather than because of any magical items. Nature simply is. Orb, however, uses the Llano, the ultimate song, to control her magic. It can do everything from allowing her to travel to letting her control the elements to healing the blind or the sick. Nature's power is over all life, and she is referred to several times as the most powerful of the earthly Incarnations (not including God and Satan). Oddly enough, however, she is the only Incarnation who does not appear to be able to stop time.

Method of Transfer[]

Nature is unique in its transference in that it is the only Incarnation that does not really transfer. One must qualify to be Gaea, and needs to have near-Incarnation level power already just to assume the office. Once that occurs, they can simply will themselves into being the new Gaea, if the previous Incarnation allows it. Like Fate, the previous Gaea does not go on to the afterlife, but returns to the mortal realm.

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