For the book, see Night Mare (book)

A night mare is a horse-like creature that brings bad dreams to punish people for doing bad things. They are ruled by the Night Stallion.

List of night mares Edit

  • Mare Australe
  • Mare Crisium is also known as Cris or Crisis.
  • Mare Frigoris carried Tristan's dream.
  • Mare Humerium
  • Mare Imbrium is a major character throughout several novels.
  • Mare Juana is out of work.
  • Mare Nectaris helped Chex search for Che.
  • Mare Nubium
  • Mare Vaporum is also known as Vapor.

Cenmare Edit

Cenmares are the crossbreed offspring of a night mare and a centaur. The only known cenmare is Chemare.

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