Occupation Incarnation of Fate
Marital Status\Mate Wife of Cedric Kaftan and Pacian
Children\Offspring Orb and Cedric Kaftan Jr.

Niobe is the Incarnation of Fate in Clotho and Lachesis form. She was first married to Cedric Kaftan who took her place and died in her stead. She and Cedric had a son, Cedric Kaftan Jr. who would later become a powerful Magician. She then becomes Clotho for 25 years and watches over her son whom she left with Cedric's cousin. She leaves the office of Fate and marries Pacian Kaftan, Cedric's cousin and has a daughter named Orb. Around the same time, Cedric Kaftan Jr. has Luna and the two girls grow up together, much like Pacian and Cedric Jr. Shortly after Pacian dies, Niobe rejoins fate to become the Lachesis aspect of Fate.

She is the grandmother to Luna and Orlene.

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