North Village Map

A map of North Village.

North Village is a village located several days travel North of Gap Chasm.


Due to its role as the home of King Aeolus, North Village was the capital of Xanth This lasted until Castle Roogna was reopened. The village contained roughly fifty houses, made of varying amounts of clay, stone, and wood. Most houses have outdoor bathrooms. The entire village is surrounded by a stockade for protection.[1]

In the village square could be found Justin Tree.[2] Justin gained a level of respect for his ability to listen and provide advice to villagers.[3]

Outside the stockade, several farms are maintained. Crops such as light bulbs and milkweed are commonly grown. Any additional foods desired by the community are grown as needed. Lookout Rock, another geological feature located near the village, is a popular spot for residents to visit. Some additional items desired by residents can be found in the nearby forest.[4]

The city had a number of needle cacti to help protect the surrounding landscape. This was effective enough that North Village suffered only rare incursions from some of Xanth's larger beasts. [5]

To the south of the North Village is Lookout Rock.


As one of the larger villages in Northern Xanth, North Village was a home to many citizens:

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