Occupation Chronos
Marital Status\Mate Niobe and Orlene

Norton is from a future world unfamiliar to other characters but due to the nature of Chronos's office, he lives backwards in time. Norton is visited by a ghost of Gawaine, who asks him to father a child to his widow, Orlene. Unfortunately, when the child dies, Orlene commits suicide, prompting Norton to take the office of Chronos so that he will be able to see her.

As Chronos, he also has an affair with Clotho, the youngest aspect of Fate, Niobe.

Because Norton lives backwards in time, his past is everyone else's future, making him an isolated character even among the other Incarnations. He also realizes that this will make it impossible to have a relationship with the forward-living Orlene. He does, however, have an affair with Clotho, the youngest aspect of Fate. This is both awkward and intriguing to Norton since her past is his future.

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