Olive Hue has an olive green complexion. When she first introduces herself, her name sounds like "I love you", and people's perceptions have to be corrected. She can create imaginary friends for a short while until she loses concentration. However, whatever her friends make or do remains after they have gone. She created a friend who had the talent to create what was needed, who created a key which looked like a small statue for Goody. Olive was first encountered by Goody and Hannah in No Mans Land.[1]

Olive was encountered years later by Jumper, Wenda, Maeve, and Haughty working for Crater with Phanta at the Bra & Girll. She wanted to travel to the Good Magician's Castle to find a way to keep one of her imaginary friends real.

During the adventure, the group was in the Dream Realm where Olive was seduced by Demon Pluto through Dick Philip. Dick gave her an amulet which looked like a pen so she could visit him when she wanted for an hour. After they returned from the Dream Realm, she found out the truth and was hurt. However, when she met the real Dick, she was still in love with him and he with her. They were married by Princess Dawn after repairing the cable.[2]

Imaginary friends of Olive Hue Edit

Olive created these friends while talking with Goody and Hannah.[1]

  • Lorlai Fiona is a tiny baby who 4.7 months old.
  • The twins Suretha and Sharina who can turn day into night and night into day respectively.
  • Mysteria who creates what is needed but does not know what it is or how to use it.

Olive created these friends while working with Jumper.[2]

  • Censor censors things like Haughty's foul language.
  • Jestin conjures a portable section of the enchanted path.
  • Hail Mary makes hail stones.
  • Angie Ina is literally drop-dead gorgeous. She was created to give Jumper lessons on resisting freaking out.
  • Jenny, Sammy, and Claire Voyant while in the Dream Realm.
  • Anna Phytactic was created accidentally. She shocks with allergy.
  • The twins Willie and Nillie who while apart are reasonably well behaved, together they are sheer mischief.
  • Isaac Azimuth is an author.
  • Robert Hindsight is an author.
  • Samantha finds flesh.
  • Auspice, the ten year old daughter of Chameleon and Bink who changes her nature involuntarily to match her surroundings in mood, attitude, appearance and ability.
  • Coinroy collects coins and delays S R Sheperd.

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