Occupation Incarnation of Nature
Year of Delivery Spring of 1958 within two weeks of Luna
Marital Status\Mate Parry and Mym
Children\Offspring Orlene

Orb is the daughter of Pacian Kaftan and Niobe, half-sister of Cedric Kaftan Jr. and Blenda Kaftan, mother of Orlene by Mym, the aunt of Luna Kaftan, and wife of Parry, the Incarnation of Evil. She and Luna are very close in age since her father Pacian and Niobe's first husband, Cedric Kaftan are cousins. She is influential in shaping the fate of Mym, the future Incarnation of War.

Orb already has vast powers before taking office, by way of conjuring music that emanates from Nature; therefore she is uniquely qualified to be the Incarnation of Nature, Gaea.

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