Piper is a man who was chosen by Demon Pundit to run Caprice Castle and use his music to collect puns throughout Xanth. His appearance was homely, but Pundit made him handsome. At one time he was sleeping with Pundora, though she was only with him to keep him from collecting her boyfriend Attila the Pun. She betrayed Piper by releasing all of the puns he collected, which got him expelled from Caprice Castle and changed into a gelatinous creature by Pundit. The only way he could return to Caprice was to marry a princess and prove he was the best musician in Xanth.

When Dawn told Attila he was a pun causing him to destroy himself, Pundora returned to Piper to seek revenge. Piper was after Picka Bone who was proving to be a threat to Piper's return to Caprice. Picka defeated Piper in a final musical showdown, and Piper agreed to serve Picka and Dawn for the chance to return to Caprice.[1]

Piper briefly dated Granola, an invisible giant. However, he was chosen as a suitor for Harmony. For the competition, he was given a magic piccolo, and he retrieved the hypnotic gem as his gift to Harmony.

While on the journey, he met and fell in love with Anna Molly, the sister of one of the other suitors. After Harmony did not choose him, he stayed with Anna.[2]

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