Ptero is one of the moons of Ida where all the inhabitants of Xanth, all the characters that might inhabit Xanth, and characters who are just mere ideas in others heads. The inhabitants of Ptero who also have a likeness on Xanth have all of the memories of their Xanth likeness except the memories occurring on their "off-year", the year currently being lived by their Xanth character on Xanth.

It's difficult to get lost on Ptero because directions are colors. North is blue, south is red, west is green, and east is yellow. Traveling to the green, east or From, makes one younger. Traveling to the yellow, west or To, makes one older. Traveling to the blue, north, make it colder. Traveling to the red, south, makes it warmer. Comic strips separate the different sections of it with horrible Puns.

Traveling east or west depends on a person's age. One can not travel outside of their lifetimes. So one can go only so far green until their birth, and one can go only so far yellow until their death.

On this world, Ivy and Grey have several more children. Dolph also has an alternate wife Taplin, who was supposed to have been the princess he woke up instead of Electra.

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