A roc is a giant bird capable of carrying an adult elephant in its talons.

In Xanth Edit

  • Pebbl is a small roc who helped Clio look for steeds.
  • Ragna is a roc magician who tried to take over Xanth.
  • Ette is a female roc Ragna wanted, however she escaped him until he was trapped. She is making his life a living hell now.
  • Roc of Ages is the roc who watched Matt A Door while he slept for almost 100 years.
  • Rocky is a friend of Roxanne.
  • Roxanne is one of the most important birds in all of Xanth.
  • Roy is a zombie roc at Castle Zombie.

There is one crossbreed, a hipporoc, the result of a roc mating with a centaur. Griff is the only known hipporoc.

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