Rose of Roogna is the daughter of Lady Ashley Rose and Lord Bliss. After Muerte A. Fid poisoned her grandfather King Yin-Yang and father Bliss, Rose was sent to Castle Roogna for safety, which had been abandoned by King Yin-Yang who ruled from his home, the West Stockade.

While Rose was living in Castle Roogna, she planted the rose garden which would be the test of love for Dolph, Nada, and Electra over 100 years later.

Near the end of the time she spent in Castle Roogna, she shared it with the Muses.

Rose lived there for around 200 years before Humfrey found the castle. After he finished the Demon University, she was able to marry him since he was now a magician. Together they had Rosetta.

Rose was kidnapped to Hell, and Humfrey took Lethe elixir. After it wore off, he went to Hell to rescue her.

She now takes turns as Humfrey's wife of the month.