Shame of Man  
Shame of Man Vol 1 1.jpg
Paperback book cover
Author(s) Piers Anthony
Country United States
Language English language
Series Geodyssey
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date December 15, 1995
Media type Hardcover
Pages 512
ISBN 978-0812550917
Preceded by Isle of Woman
Followed by Hope of Earth

A magnificent epic of danger, desire, triumph and tragedy, Piers' Anthony's Shame of Man is nothing less than the story of humanity itself. It is the story of two lovers reborn throughout history--Hugh, a dreamer and musician, and his beloved Ann, a beautiful dancer--as they struggle to preserve their family and their way of life during some of the most turbulent periods of our savage past--and our troubled future. Through their eyes we experience humanity's greatest achievements, and witness its greatest shame, the relentless exploitation of nature that now threatens our very survival.

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