Irene is the daughter of Iris and Trent, wife of Dor, and mother of Ivy, Ida, and Dolph. She grew up in Castle Roogna and has been called many, sometimes malicious, nicknames while she was growing up such as Irate Irene and Irene the Palace Brat. She is very beautiful with green hair, and panties to match.

Irene is a sorceress who can cause any plant to grow from seed to tree in moments. She also can to some degree control plants. She has an instinctive knowledge of all plants and seeds.

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In her childhood, she would sic her plants on Magician Dor. While rescuing her parents from Mundania, she made a Resurrection Fern grow to full stature in seconds. During the Nextwave Invasion, she surrounded Castle Roogna with defensive plants and trees.


Irene grew up in Castle Roogna. From birth she was destined to marry Dor.

In addition, during the Next Wave invasion of Night Mare, Irene succeeded her mother as Xanth's second female King in known history at the time. She used her power over plants to erect a massive arboreal defense perimeter around Castle Roogna. Her talent was not considered Magician level until Arnold Centaur decreed it so during his reign as King of Xanth.

After the invasion, she married Dor she became the Queen of Xanth. She takes no guff from inanimate objects. She has a reputation as a stern mother, though she will go to great lengths to protect her children as seen in Dragon on a Pedestal.

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